About Us


Welcome to The Groom’s Club: Your one-stop groom shop from the team at Diplomat Outfitters.

We’re a couple of guys with years of experience in menswear and custom-made tailored apparel - formalwear, suits, coats, trousers, shirts & much more. From bespoke tailoring with the likes of READ WALL to accessible custom with our flagship online clothier, Diplomat Outfitters, our goal has always been to make custom clothing that’s high-quality, accessible, and above all-else - that fits. If we happen to make our guys look damn good along the way, well that’s just a bonus.

Some time on our journey through designing and producing beautiful men’s custom clothing, we realized that we were dealing with a whole lot of grooms, and that those grooms deserved a wedding experience tailor-made for them.

Our Answer: The Groom’s Club. Think of it like the bridal salon but for, you know, groom’s stuff. From the suit or tuxedo for the big day, to duds for the rehearsal dinner, to dressing your groom's party from head to toe - we want you to put us in your corner when it comes to your wedding day. Grooms are special too, you know.

We’re here to make you (and your groomsmen) look great, so you can take care of everything else.


No more forgotten grooms,

The GC team