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Brides have Salons, Grooms have the Club.

No more forgotten Grooms.

Discerning, elegant style isn't just for the bride anymore. At the Groom's Club, we'll provide the tailor-made experience – pun intended – you and your groomsmen deserve for such a significant occasion. 

From start to finish, I knew we were taken care of. 

It's not easy to make our family look great, but they delivered!

We had enough going on with our wedding -- it was great knowing that all the guys would look great.

A large grooms-party can be an added stress in wedding planning. The team at Groom's Club made it a blessing, not a curse.

We were thinking of renting tuxedos before we got the personalized wedding package from the Groom's Club. Their team made it a no-brainer and the investment really paid off. 

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